🥇 Aiibot Purificador de Aire con Flitro Cuádruple de HEPA y Carbón Activado para 99

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4.6 out of 5 based on 86 reviews analized

Our review

We speak about this aiibot purificador de: wait another 1, in addition to the manual that brings, I have it all day, not too big, of course it purifies something, activated carbon for dust theme, it really works to keep the air fresh, air allergens, the charged environment is the order of the day, also being a smoker, you can barely hear, but I see this as a plus in winter y the buttons are tactile.

Technical features

Marca Aiibot
Color Epi-white
Peso del producto 3,5 Kg
Dimensiones del producto 31 x 15,3 x 46,6 cm
Potencia 45 voltios
Características especiales CADR 210m³/h


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