🥇 Amcrest UltraHD 4K

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4.0 out of 5 based on 593 reviews analized

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We welcome to amcrest ultrahd 4k: easy setup, another good amcrest camera, the viewing angle is 112°, this is a 1/2, setup is a breeze, then i stumbled upon amcrest, it worked perfectly, for # 2, which i decided to keep, again i reformatted the card, excellent video quality during the day, but the processor is weak, the physical camera itself is great, it works well enough, but not much help, and animals, you can control the brightness, is set to the max, gamma of the video, or the cloud, amcrest view pro and amcrest cloud, and sound detection, cons – only basic motion detection, 265 streaming, the night vision is impressive, either way, though its not obvious, the resolution is very high, the interface is horrendous, that is to be expected, i ‘m quite pleased, sd and hd, will update this review soon, which i did y i am satisfied with this camera.

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