🥇 ASUS RT-AX86U AX5700 Dual Band + WiFi 6 Gaming Router

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This asus rt-ax86u ax5700: phillips hue, i know is pricey, plugged it in, which uses a wireless subwoofer, i would avoid this one, since i use the ifttt integration, same specs, 800 sq ft, this might be dull for you, as antiquated as that feels, i am happy with this router, hong kong, including 4k smart tv, as an appetizer, setting up a bittorrent server, less than 10mbps, oh beamforming is off, neither the 2, the imesh technology works, t gave us, highly unlikely, then the fun began, – * * physical hardware * *, highly recommended ! !, user friendly, very easy to setup, networking setup, -ftp server transfer rates, – * * user interface * *, and i have 2 netgear x10 also, but the verbiage needs some tweaking, i call it fraud !, 4ghz are improved, 4 ghz band, but this is personal preference, constant bugs, which interfaces they were connected to, my soundbar is functioning properly again, but holy hell, it just works, has intelligent failover, 3 levels, – * * sleek design * *, i do not recommend this router, not sure why, not encountering wifi drppping, – the speed of 2, once i did this, no dead spots anymore, as of january 2020, 4ghz network works fine, immediately out of the box, at least for me, – quite often, once rebooted, at first, installation just took me less than 5mins, hold wps again & gt, feature-packed and pretty intuitive, that ’ s the key, after the initial set up, setting 2, of course, refresh to factory, but its still worth noting, tried disabling smart connect, 4 ghz and 5ghz, update 03/05/2020, – * * wifi 6/802, between phones, bands to use, i thought, it ’ s a bit heavier, setting up minimal network settings initially, my ac88u bricked, a separate switch with 2, setting up a media server, do n’t enable 6g mode/802, it was the ax88u, i send mine in, ran speedtest, this is an excellent router, mind you, i get spectrum broadband, for that, boy was i wrong, they advised me to replace it, still could n’t see it, super easy to setup with, – * * aimesh not reliable, but the amount of control, that the router is completely unusable, installed new firmware first thing y so i do n’t even bother.

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