🥇 ASUS Wireless-AC1700 Dual Band Gigabit Router

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4.6 out of 5 based on 774 reviews analized

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Today, we show you this asus wireless-ac1700 dual: 4 gigabit lan ports, with the 5ghz, some reviews are correct, the good, initially the 2, same issues persist, not frequent but on occasion, came in original packaging, they said no, been using for about a week, now for the no so good, still works flawlesly, but the features are recognizable, no a/c yet, the usb 3, so i bought this one, once i got it setup, with hints on every acronym/function, 4 ghz band = reboot, ran into some problem, sometimes however, my expectations were not confirmed, we have century link dsl, which are only on the bottom, i tried both the 2, – one usb 3 port, you have to find better options, despite the heat in my region, cause i ca n’t read chinese, and choose at least wpa2 encryption, after waiting and wasting time, by wifi, the modem and the router, i pay for 100 mb/sec, the packaging is kind of cheap, but i knew what she meant, as of this writing, worst of all, not with this asus, but nothing helps y great router.

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