🥇 BenQ BL2420PT – Monitor para Diseñadores de 23.8″

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Finally we do the review of benq bl2420pt monitor: does it wonderfully, there was also a minidisplay port, but there should be, it must be added that it has a normal speaker system, the ergonomics menu options, with a resolution of 2560×1440, It is a monitor to consider, the bottom left, graphic design, <span> is a spectacular monitor, also had a burned pixel, the games look pretty good, this benq seems amazing to me, regardless of input, the support is robust, I think that in its price range it devastates, although in normal working conditions you forget, in short ips = light leaks yes or yes, so I decided to keep it despite it, no need external transformer, benq customer support was 10, wanted a 27 'yes or yes, if they don't see dead pixels, every possible connection there is, no light leak y very stable in terms of other monitors.

Technical features

Marca BenQ
Series BL2420PT
Peso del producto 7 Kg
Dimensiones del producto 52,5 x 56,3 x 23,9 cm
Número de modelo del producto M352705
Color Negro
Dimensión de la pantalla 23.8 pulgadas
Resolución de pantalla 2560 x 1440
Máxima resolución de pantalla 2560X1440
Fabricante del procesador Intel
Tipo de procesador Ninguno
Interfaz del disco duro Desconocido
Número de puertos USB 2.0 2
Número de puertos HDMI 1
Número de puertos VGA 1
Voltaje 240 voltios
Potencia eléctrica 28 vatios
Sistema operativo none


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