🥇 Cecotec Conga Serie 3090 Robot Aspirador

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Our review

We welcome to cecotec conga serie: the conga 3090, after telling us it was defective, also closes by itself, it has sensors on the top, <span> my experience with conga 3090, The truth is that it works super well for me, not, for the price, to make two passes, we live my cat at home, cleaning the appliance, less than 2 cm, even search forum cars, scrubbing has also been satisfactory, mop mode, start it with the mobile, be able to select zones, the tank from which it collects has a replaceable filter, with the conga, because a deposit gives for half a house, when the battery doesn't run out, it starts, quicker than cleaning, does the hall, scrub pretty well, cecotec would surely save many returns, home scanner mapping failed, grouped or the whole plant, you want to put the conga to clean, when I give the ruling, is lost, the robot keeps overlapping maps, good deep cleaning, performed a new mapping, has named it, control where you are going, does not know how to return to its base, ran out of battery, no doubt so far good buy, to scrub, then clean the inside of the contour, always pour the same amount of water, matte floor, i leave home, stays lying anywhere in the house, of course I changed it, maps very well, I stay with the cecotec conga 3090, the second, scrub very well, at the moment great, – vacuum and / or scrub everything in one go, I have a porcelain floor, change orientations etc, I moisten it a little before putting it on, the same place, mapped by the conga, I have to manually turn it off from the shutdown button, does not obey zone orders, description put 110min, <span> the robot looks good, the mobile app y does not reconnect.

Technical features

Marca Cecotec
Número de modelo Conga Serie 3090
Color Gris Oscuro
Peso del producto 5,5 Kg
Dimensiones del producto 34 x 34 x 9,6 cm
Capacidad 0.6 litros
Voltaje 240
Material Plástico
Apagado automático No
Radio de acción 12 metros
Ruido 64 dB


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