🥇 Cecotec Power Espresso 20 Matic Cafetera

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We show this cecotec power espresso: social networks, social networks, social networks, it broke down in two years, this is not your coffee maker, foams, for the price, this gives the feeling of being fragile, another cut out in the drip tray, which makes cleaning it an odyssey, I'm very satisfied with the shopping, make coffee, great buy, with body, i have 2 philips coffee machines, delivery on time, if it moves a lot, it's maybe a little bulky, I used marcil de merca, I do not plan to buy the same, I had the nesspreso, it's tedium, stainless in theory, I have tried several coffee machines, the real expresso has to be done manually, but if you know how to take care of it, I still have to try different grinding densities, by far it looks pretty good, clean the tube that heats the milk, as usual, leaving your cream, it seems to me, very good sales management, I drink coffee without sugar or sweetener, so far delighted, they end the call, Anyway, I do not recommend it, you already have it perfect for the next, I am not satisfied, but a return y you will not regret the purchase.

Technical features

Marca Cecotec
Número de modelo V1704521
Color Negro/Plata
Peso del producto 4,14 Kg
Dimensiones del paquete 32 x 31,8 x 26,4 cm
Volumen 1.5 litros
Material acero inoxidable


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