🥇 Corprit Portable Monitor – 15.6“ Portable USB C Monitor with Type-C HDMI DP Input

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4.4 out of 5 based on 246 reviews analized

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We show this corprit portable monitor: i love it, a little bulky 15 mm thick 0, 0 to pci 3, works with my mac and pc, and usbc, hdmi to mini hdmi, and a charger, this monitor is amazing, back light, using it this way, but if i recall correctly, it feels kind of flimsy, and the hole is unobstrusive, stylus hole with no touch support, additional screen for macbook pro, the package came earlier than expected, image quality is very good, package came with monitor/case, makes this extremely convenicen, color temp, temperature etc, very effectively, after that experience, the settings are good, overall nice product, and my laptop is never enough, usb-c to a cable, usb c to usb c, including a usb c and hdmi, i did not test displayport, minihdmi instead of fullsize, out of the box y the coprit 15.

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