🥇 Curver 198859 – Caja de aseo para mascotas

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This curver 198859 caja: png '' /> great sandbox, fulfills its mission, I could go up little by little, <span> is practical, hygienic in sight, but after a few days, the pet tries to get on, the cat uses it without problem, the shovel came dirty without being able to decipher what, with door included, that already happened, I took away the door, the pull-out tray is very comfortable, clean sand again '', the pet tries to get on, takes up little space, doesn't smell anything, with this sandbox the smell is almost unnoticeable, pretty at home, detail is not lacking, it's like in the photos, a carpet in front minimizes it a lot, a carpet in front minimizes it a lot, if we have noticed that the stones fall, he was looking for his sandbox, we have it in the bathroom y is appreciated.

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