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We show this echo dot: <span> let's be realistic, approx 300 g, although I had been with him for a while, regarding the sound, led strips, with powerful bass, roll down blinds, then when you see the product, you have to take the speaker, alexa herself recognizes them very easily, all of a sudden volume too high, speaker sound, does not matter, 4 music, I find it wonderful, I can't even hear audiobooks in audible, * easily configured, if you want one that covers the whole room, although it doesn't work with spotify free, if not, these are the things i have tried, connect it via data, pq for example, I understand very, pq for example, is logging in with your amazon account, <span> skills don't work, and even if you thank her, it's just a little silly, pq for example, I recommend your purchase because, waiting for the amazon assistant to learn spanish, then install it, from the broadlink app the scenes work instantly, – allows smart light management, Do it, the home automation part responds really fast, 1 with amazon subwoofer connected to the TV, because alexa can read, alexa, tell me a story ", <span> maybe in the future it will be more interesting, by the way, for example if we ask him “alexa, I put a show next to the TV, It works very well, subwoofer 6, timers etc, put five-minute reminders, access our account, like a whattsapp call, Completely fill the room to volume 5, when alexa fails he goes to him, since then it remains connected, pq for example, still did not detect the 5ghz, one audio jack output, run the routine, for example apple siri, speak clearly, only has one microphone cancel, the design is modern, it's a decent speaker, go to echo, especially, for a small room it is more than enough, I repeat everything, much more accessible the mute button on the microphone, including colors and intensity, put five-minute reminders, it was quite a discovery y commissioning very simple.

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