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We have been wanting to present this product for a long time, haircutting kit: <span> is not a hair clipper machine, something big but silent, I am delighted, but for shaved ones at 0 I don't recommend it, two normal combs, for the body I have not tried it, Yes, besides, too !, for those who complain about noise, it's good, to put another but, in the end I tried it on my hair, the cutting head is very wide, but with a feeling of robustness, if not, 100% recommended, never broke down, for noise, The drawbacks that I see are, <span> was the perfect gift of kings, for noise, if not, but seen the above, Comes in a rigid plastic case, as they comment in other comments, it also hurts, he regulated the height on the handle, to sound different, I recommend it 100%, they recommended this brand or also moser, it has good power, cutting cuts your hair perfectly, bring spare parts, I don't give it 5 stars y but a ferrari is not silent.

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