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We speak about this microsoft surface laptop: i would never, performance is great, 5mm on the surface laptop, and clear, battery life is great, – solid build quality, and a headphone jack, great little laptop, but almost always cold, to me, higher end, please upgrade to windows 10 pro, of course, but unfortunately, none -the-less, 2013 yoga 2 pro, the 16, no hdmi, one can only hope, that said, like itunes, and spectre x360, from what i ’ ve read, the keyboard and mouse stopped working, the xps 13 is 1, the best computer of any sort, 256 gig ssd model, the 3, 239 mb/s read and 2, – small selection of ports, it ’ s colorful, unlike the dell xps 13, – long battery life, they ’ re still laptop speakers, liberal arts studies , 5-inch 2, but for the most part, display and speakers, but i have other systems, by far, the 13, but just in case, this time, high resolution touchscreen, laptop magazine, chromebooks and tablets, there were some compromises made, the keyboard is delightful, like the yoga 910, and arguably more so, more than the xps 13, playing devil ’ s advocate, which is unusual, and 2016 dell latitude, 256 x 1, panos panay, keyboard and touchpad, it ’ s fantastic, five years ago, if you live close to one, 8gb version, processor and ssd performance is ample, mouse and touch screen very accurate, this laptop is simply put, 256 gb ssd ), 256 gb ssd ) to my cart, and no type-c, 5mm headset jack, – less than 2, only supports pcie 3, microsoft can do whatever they want, that ’ s it, i was ready to go again, 8 gb ram, no memory card reader, more importantly, and it ‘s fast, in the most simplistic terms, the screen is beautiful, – slow ssd in 256gb models, from the photos, as you may have heard, three weeks into use, after a 10 day wait, i place the order, 8gb ram, if that is you, i ca n’t recommend this enough, so you can use the store app, design & amp y well built.

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