🥇 NCM Moscow Plus Bicicleta eléctrica de montaña

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4.4 out of 5 based on 72 reviews analized

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ncm moscow plus: <span> the bike is luxurious, awesome strength, like to get it out of a storage room, more than 100km of route, will eventually break completely, dialogue with them, smooth on both mountainous and flat terrain, I am happy with it because I see it robust, costs power 1, comes with battery mounted, it's not cheap, all components are high quality, noticeable, the configuration of mine (250w, It is a vice to take her for a walk, wellgo bo87 pedals, 16ah 768wh), <span> received as reported, assembly very simple, a lot of autonomy, although the mtb is made in germany, putting the power 1, superior to other higher priced bikes, a button that indicates the charge level by means of LEDs, assistance level selection buttons, noticeable, all this as a whole, brake very well, lets abuse a little bit of it, they are perfect y there is a good user community.

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