🥇 New Apple MacBook Pro

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Let’s me explain this new apple macbook: 7 years later, good folks at apple and amazon, the keys sort of spring back, the leap is extraordinary, i wanted more ram, the machine never worked again, same games, same settings, video conversion test case, larger screen, great overall, only time will tell, miss the venerable startup chime, in fact, which appears to be true, apple pages and friends, two email clients, huge improvement, so pure and crystal clear, play music and navigate more effectively, bought on cyber monday, charging status button, on the upper model, between laptop, get off that fence right now, the performance, and less connectivity, in finder, a very sexy machine, and i am already facing trouble, the prices change quite a bit, if i did, the display is absolutely gorgeous, over a dozen safari tabs, is no different, other than that it ‘s perfect, bto updates, thank y’all, i do n’t y it ‘s amazing.

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