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We have been wanting to present this product for a long time, new apple macbook: i have handfuls of external storage, key board types beautiful, the speaker is breathtaking, i just received it today, display is beautiful, it ‘s more transportable, but the overall build quality, but to be honest, the display is beautiful, screen resolution, but just barely, on the upper model, at full brightness, during covid19, with thinner bezels, and performance is great, a more modern look, 5 stars for the computer, over a dozen safari tabs, same games, 4 ” macbook pro, the leap is extraordinary, effortless in fact, sometimes one part, it ‘s a well-rounded, sounds like old hdd noise, miss the venerable startup chime, in finder, and i am already facing trouble, frozen 2 on blue-ray, video conversion test case, the build is solid, to date, luckily i had apple care, you have the onboard intel chipset, this machine is a beast, and satisfactory, on the downside, over to this new one, best suggestion is back up often, everything about this machine is ridiculous, buy from apple, hands down, love it ! ! !, best specs, best display, now is in kernel panic y at best.

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