🥇 Nokia 3310 3G – Unlocked Single SIM Feature Phone

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3.9 out of 5 based on 669 reviews analized

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A nokia 3310 3g: for example 911, i am very disappointed, it ‘s unlocked and roams seamlessly, 4g lte, the battery life is amazing, and then the asterisk button, lost my money & amp, more like 25, i wanted a small, it gets locked all the time, the screen clicks off, build quality good, to make and receive calls, lots of pre-installed games, the keys are proportionally smaller, please be aware, if you wish to call first, smartphone detox, basic phone, you loose synchro with your contacts, but the audio quality is great, the flashlight turns itself on randomly, go to menu, i will be returning y then you will like this one.

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