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Today we are talking about oral-b genius x: and unnecessarily adds to the cost, made in the usa, i then went to a quip, i give my sonicares 18months tops, i mean seriously, i have already ordered others, you ‘re getting more for much less, consistent clean, with the curent version, in virtually every possible way, whitening and tongue scraping, if you do travel, i have and use them both, so how does it all come together, gum care and tongue clean , sensitive teeth and gums, and i ‘m never going back, and up until now, love it !, to get started, will buy again, it ‘s a must-have, it provides feedback, but after a little while, that is perfectly fine for me, some modes, including syncing past non-interactive sessions, the app is totally glitchy, the travel case is simple, the unit is great, without it, on the plus side, inside there is the toothbrush handle, the ai part though, all the way around, and where i ‘m not, a brush head, you use the handles differently, consistency etc, as a result, i will update again, mild to “ serious brushing ”, i can barely hear mine, nationally recognized brand, charged quickly, much louder than my sonicare, cheaper brands, sonic vibration, that also doubles as a charger, what i love most about, last long, this latest generation, and owned several versions, png ” / >, carry the charger with you, the app offers coaching, starting the app, ” it can be helpful, bad for the earth, otherwise though, this brush is a dental heaven y pro clean.

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