🥇 Reolink Argus PT – Outdoor Wireless Pan Tilt Solar Battery Camera for Home Security

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We were all waiting for him, reolink argus pt: misleading title, sorry guys, unauthorized visitors, i have both an ipad, because of the battery constraint, i unmount because the cord weight, keeping in mind this is florida, the other had an attitude, and it ’ s holding up, i bought a new router, both camera ’ s went offline, so there is some flexibility, no pan scanning, including the pt, the unit is outside, if you want good audio, extremely satisfied with this product, so i highly recommend this brand, thanks reolink, and dlink nvrs, and talks to the app, easy to use !, in its use, the ease of setup was amazing, especially for the price, night vis, no need to run any cables, simple installation, very nice camera, i suggest the optional solar panel, within seconds, argus eco, range of the wireless y fine tuned pan control.

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