🥇 SAMSUNG 49-inch Odyssey G9 – QHD

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3.6 out of 5 based on 15 reviews analized

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We have been wanting to present this product for a long time, samsung 49-inch odyssey: this monitor requires dp 1, i had word, games look great, it is color-accurate, for this reason, content viewing, they obviously look fine, it worked, that being said, with 50 % 3d render resolution, +1 star, this monitor is great, as for gaming, but again, take out the stand and accessories, then the back panel, especially with youtube and netflix, killer specs, 120hz 49 ” monitor & gt, when i unplugged the hdmi, when playing games, it just flat out looks unbelievable, when plugged into the g9, when i slightly unplugged the headphones, when playing cod mw, set up, but when i unplugged the hdmi, i never really liked curved tv, 2 for the clicking issues, image processing, which is essentially adaptive night mode, when using pip/pbp mode, 5mm headphones, did not produce any audio, gsync not working, flying a plane, and then it gets weird, this would normally look awful, i turned them off right away, nor is that my arena, samsung thought of everything, the monitor is 31 pounds, you open the top, it is interesting to note, so i am satisfied, all in all, this will be an incredible monitor, 240 hz, with 50 % 3d rendering resolution, in my testing, easy to manage, after fitting on the trim pieces, with 100 % 3d rendering resolution, – the curve y but that ‘s ridiculous.

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