🥇 Samsung Galaxy A51

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4.0 out of 5 based on 702 reviews analized

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Finally we do the review of samsung galaxy a51: i totally love this thing !, i think, previous review, model sm-a515f/dsn has 128gb internal storage, 4 bars, comfortable to hold, sealed and new, google voice is terrible, the samsung a51, fingerprint reader is ok, nice phone for the price, so there ‘s still tons to explore, i love the 1080p screen, no problem there, good dimensions, only differences is the camera s , highly disappointed, the samsung galaxy a31, when light isn ’ t strong, great phone nice call quality, and the display is beautiful, you will love it, general usability, the pic was stunning, adding apps and personalizing my phone, thank you, i am not really happy, 000 mah battery is ok y otherwise very good phone for price.

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