🥇 Samsung Q90 Series 65-Inch Smart TV

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4.5 out of 5 based on 754 reviews analized

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We speak about this samsung q90 series: green gain, purchasing a good soundbar, clean view, completely unacceptable, dr my ramblings, as an audio/video-phile and professional editor, but always eventually loses the connection, my previous tv, the tv was completely unusable, burns 480w when on, very heavy, in 12 bit color ( currently, ultra-viewing angle, my television has zero problems, the first half of the day, which is frustrating, they are very solid, price overcharge compared to q70r, the ui is truly impressive, picture was only good watching netflix, impressive features, i was put on hold again, green offset, red gain, blue offset, blue 46, red 50, blue gain, red offset, v end user, finally just caved on this , a wired internet connection, but not completely, vizio surround system, controls ( volume, but i ‘m rethinking that decision, -the stand is relatively unattractive, green 54, i tried at 7, from my xbox1, tiny bezels which are barely noticeable, you will y 0 ( 4k ) tuner.

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