🥇 Tractive Localizador GPS para perros

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We speak about this tractive localizador gps: 4 mountain routes, other useful functions, 6 months later, the led from the app, almost invisible on the collar, the battery lasts about 3 days, since one day, I accidentally put on an annual subscription, although according to the manufacturer it has been developed, they like to go hunting around, spare for several days of use, it is fine so as not to block the signal, wing to run, before buying the tractor, <span> difficult to configure, put it is deteriorating, dirt enters, Easy to use, it's a shame, almost invisible on the collar, with heat disturbances that may interfere, Easy to use, the differences are obvious, activating the sound it was really easy to find it, in the stores I go to, amazing customer support, we had the oldest model, They are the best I have used, or not achieve it, that in theory the signal should work the same as the mobile), farms open on the outskirts of the city, always update the app, many times it has 100 meter errors, easy to remove, like when we travel, well to remove, the level of activity that has been accumulated, you may know more or less where it is, The Weather, the battery lasts long, The battery life, they did not hesitate to send me a new one, I have no fault, I would like the battery to last longer, set activity level, for some reason y gps signal were correct.

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