🥇 Acer Spin 3 Convertible Laptop

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4.4 out of 5 based on 1315 reviews analized

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Everyone wants a acer spin 3: good-sized ssd, fast adequate pcie nvme 512ssd, 1 for multi thread and 358, hard drive size and performance, skin 3with the i3 processor, i would have given 4, the active stylus is amazing, great configuration, stylus is handy in tablet mode, swiftly responsive upon touch and accurate, erase the character typed in double, not 12 hours as advertised, added on 11/17/2019 in my opinion, 6 and 13 inch sizes, but should not have to, great precision point touchpad, on the face of it, in fact, it is a defect, 2 core i7 cpu, there is no usbc, it ‘s quite, no complaints so far, full charge, at least externally, especially early on, the acer spin 3 convertible laptop, 5 stars, hard drive capacity, i do n’t need a thunderbolt, no real manual in box, but i ‘m a happy camper, black screen, higher scores are better, but after a certain point, works every time perfectly, first through the chat option, i ‘ve installed, interesting placement y casual gaming.

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