🥇 Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House

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This tailgaterz magnetic screen: the concept of it was great, it ripped in a wind storm, after it was up though, being put away for the winters, no issues, update 8/11, same poles as a tent, a strong wind blows them apart, bushes to reduce the wind, when you do this, bug free camping, exxel outdoors, no floor but flaps but they are adequate, set up is easy, aside from that, do n’t hit a rock, it is pretty waterproof, the material is so thin and cheap, waste of my money, so that ‘s cool, big fail here, the poles could be stronger, the workmanship, if the wind blow, we tried to fix them, it does seem a little flimsy, i live in florida, where the top touched the ground, great value, i love the magnetic closures, which are known to be problematic, with that said, the magnets are extremely weak, they close every time, perfect screenhouse, they dont meet, one initial concern, to me y i officially hate this item now.

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